PT. EIKON Technology is a privately held information technology consulting, outsourcing, and development firm founded in 2007. Ever since, EIKON has becoming one of the leading cloud computing service provider in Surabaya, Jakarta and throughout Indonesia.

EIKON works with its client base to develop innovative technology solutions to business challenges. We facilitate companies and education institution to implement cloud computing system with the best support from the experts.

EIKON Technology started its debut as one of the first 10 Google Apps Partner in the world and become the leading cloud company provider in Indonesia shortly after. To expand business and cater other unique needs of our customers, EIKON provides a range of Microsoft Service Solutions, marketing and social media management tools using Local Measure, additional security for cloud computing systems and cloud to cloud backup services.

As the world is getting even more global and digitized, it brings us to the unprecedented speed of changes, resulting a tight competition between one business to another. This inevitable evolution require us to keep up with the current development to stay one step ahead in the game. We notice that transformation to the latest technology like cloud environment, has a tremendous impact on how IT services are delivered to your business.

EIKON designs, delivers, deploys and supports a holistic, cutting-edge suite of best-of-breed technologies. This allows organizations to leverage Information Technology to achieve new levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and collaboration. Through years of experience and strategic partnerships with countless business organizations, EIKON has developed methodologies that lead to solutions that don't just get the job done, but improve processes which give enterprises the maximum competitive edge. As business professionals ourselves we recognize that business rules and practices must dictate how technological solutions are used; not the other way around.

We are committed to provide you one stop cloud IT services including domain and hosting providers, data migrations, product training and webinars as well as other IT procurement goods.

How We Make Our Clients Happy

Feel free to discuss with us, and let our team learn deeply about your business's objective and the current technology obstacle that hold your goals back.
Through comprehensive analysis, we provide you the best cloud computing solutions with the most reliable hardware and software.
Your satisfaction is our priority, Therefore we are committed to facilitate your companies with the best deals by giving the best solutions and the best price.
After-sales Support
You will be facilitated with full customers support that can be contacted easily. If you find any trouble, our expert team will get it done quickly and effectively.

Our Team

Johannes Candra
CEO Director
After graduated from Ohio State University, Mr. Johannes Candra dedicated his life to provide the best cloud technology implementation to develop Indonesian business. His beautiful wife and three adorable children keep inspiring him to push beyond his own limit.
Dafi, Irfan, Syahdan, Natalis, Saka, Dani
Project Team
Meet these experts, a bunch of guys who make everything easier through thousand lines of codes and graphics. They don't talk a lot (except Edwin), but their works never fail to satisfy our expectation.
Farid, Endri, Josephine, Christin
Cloud Technology Consultant
This squad enjoy interacting directly with our potential clients and facilitate them a thorough consultation for their business and provide them the best cloud service solutions. These gentlemen are very humble and a good listener to provide you a friendly consultation.
Arif, Resano, Pras, Eric
Technical Support
Whenever our clients need help, these guys are always on their place to get it done quickly. They are ready at your reach by during office hour to assist you in troubleshooting or answer any question about the program as well as ensure it runs well.
Accounting & Administration
Passionate administrator, a happy-go-lucky person, and devoted mother of a handsome son. We are lucky to have this lovely lady in the front to welcome every guest and crews warmly.