What Kind of Specific Device That You need?

Chrome Devices: for a fast, simple, and secure device like you want it to be

Introducing Chromebook and Chromebox, a series of Chrome devices running a Chrome OS developed by Google as a new type of computer which brings the best of Google at your fingertips. Chromebook is a lightweight laptop with a fast performance and powerful battery that lasts all day, while Chromebox is a breakthrough mini personal computer as a desktop variant of the Chromebook laptop.

Chrome devices are designed for simplicity and easy to use. This cloud-based devices run fast and always up to date with the latest security fixes and features. No need manual maintenance as they update automatically.

You can configure Chrome devices in kiosks mode to become a dedicated single device for any purposes as they perfect for sharing and securely browse the internet.

 Great Working Device

We are very recommending Chrome devices for office use as they have fast performance and support real-time collaboration. On top of that, employee can focus on their work, not dealing with complicated maintenance system and security updates. Remember, Chrome devices update automatically of all its system and security to get better every time.

 Manage a Fleet of Devices

Managing a fleet of chrome devices are now so easy via web-based management console that allows organization to centrally control users, devices, and apps.

 Secure and reliable data

Google Apps was built with security in mind to keep your data safe, secure, and in your control. You have total control on your data, including who you share it with and how you share it. Google provides reliable access to your data and guarantees 99.9% SLA with 24/7 support.

 Automatic Update

While traditional computer needs to be maintain periodically for system and security updates, which is obviously quite costly. With Chrome device you don’t have to. Chrome OS auto-updates its systems and uses security technologies like safebrowsing and sandboxing to give protection from viruses, malware, malicious sites, and phishing attack.

 Get Your Work Done With Google

Working Is Now Become Easier & Flexible. Create documents directly from Google Drive, checking your Gmail, or video chat using Hangouts, and more amazing apps are in the Chrome Web Store.

 Apps Galore

Chromebooks come with a bundle of your favorite Google Apps for everyday tasks. Easy collaboration with your teamwork to create a quick accurate and efficient progress during real-time discussion. Get even thousands more apps from Chrome Web Store and they stay up to date automatically.