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There are various cloud hosting vendors, but learn why people prefer Azure as the best choice.

Familiarity of Windows

Windows is widely known and used by almost every company in the world. You can write the same programming languages for application on Azure as it is Windows-based cloud platform. It will be a lot easier for your organizations to create a cloud version of an existing Windows applications on the Azure platform.

 Zero Effort In Hardware Maintenance

Azure is designed specifically for the cloud. The apps are both web-based and worker role-based that run in their own virtual machines so you don’t have to deal with managing and maintaining the operating systems. You can focus on the application and code, not the hardware because you don’t need to own a hardware by using Azure.

 Scalability and Flexibility

You can easily create applications that run reliably and scale from 5 to 5 thousand or so users without any additional coding. It also provides flexibility to meet growing demand, it is easy to change the settings to use more numerous processors.


Before you considering a move to the cloud, security become one of the biggest concerns for you and your company. Luckily, Microsoft know this as they designed Azure with security in mind. Microsoft has designed its compliance framework to meet regulatory requirements such identities integration using .NET Access Control Service and restrict access to only allowed users using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) application tokens.

 Data Center in The Cloud

SQL Azure is located in the cloud with all the benefits of a business-class data center without the hassle of hardware and cost maintaining because Azure lets you “pay-as-you-use” which is very flexible. You get high availability and reliability of your data as it remains in the cloud. Azure servers are spread across multiple location in case of a server outage or failure.

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