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G Suite Business - Premium Business Version of G Suite

Having the ability to archive your every single email and retrieve it anytime, anywhere at ease when required in the future is really powerful for every business nowadays. G Suite Business, formerly Google Apps Unlimited, has everything available in G Suite Basic, plus, it comes up with unlimited storage and Google Vault for everyone in your organization, and additional Drive administration, Auditing, and Reporting features. EIKON Technology as the trusted G Suite Reseller Business Indonesia can assist you to go Google smoothly!

 Unlimited Storage

Get unlimited storage for Drive, Gmail messages and Google Photos. Users no longer need to pick and choose only the most valuable content, saving them time and worry. If you have 4 or fewer users in your organization, each user gets 1 TB of storage.

 Google Vault

Use Google Vault email archiving to manage, retain, search & export your organization’s email and on-the-record chats. It can also be used for eDiscovery and compliance needs such as search and export your organization’s file in Google Drive.

 Drive Audit Log

Gain additional insights with advanced Drive audit reporting, custom alerts on Drive activity such as when documents are shared outside your domain, and APIs. Use the Filters section at the side to configure the page to only display data that meets certain criteria.

 Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

GMail DLP lets you scan email traffic for their organization for content such as credit card or social security numbers, and set up policy-based actions when this content is detected. DLP uses a set of predefined detectors to evaluate message content.

DLP Tip: Test your settings to make sure your configuration meets your requirements and that you use the quarantine option to verify content matches.

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