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Do you know that 2 billion people are active user on social networks equal to almost 70% of the entire world’s internet population? People nowadays are most likely have at least one social media account, while other may have two or three (or more!) active different social media account such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Those people are commonly use social media for networking, marketing, business, or just simply make connections. Wouldn’t it be great if we can discover and understand our customer to improve services and drive advocacy to our brand by using the power of social media? Local Measure can do it for you.


Wondering why should you using targeted social media platform for your enterprise? Here is the reason.

Get the latest insight about your customer

Discover what’s your customer say about your services in social media, get involved in their conversation so you can build a better relationship with them. By targeting the right audience based on location, relevant and meaningful social content, you can attract them to your website and do the business or connect with customers and maintain a good relationship. To achieve this, you need to be active on targeted social media. However, finding time to maintain all the social activity can be very time consuming. Here we got you covered with Local Measure as social media platform for your business and get the most of social media network to enhance your enterprise’s brand.

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